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Friday, December 9, 2011

Optimize Your SharePoint 2010 for Internet Sites

You've already made an investment in SharePoint for Internet Sites. But are you measuring and optimizing that investment?

Webtrends, a Microsoft-preferred analytics solution for SharePoint 2010, provides an easy-to-implement, comprehensive solution to measure, test, and optimize
content, design, usability, search and collaboration.
Join Microsoftand Webtrends for this free webinar to learn how you can significantly improve the results of your SharePoint for Internet Sites initiatives.
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Friday, June 5, 2009

Personal blogging versus business blogging

I've found that I have trouble doing any personal blogging when blogging on industry and company topics is also part of my job. So here is the introduction to a coming soon Jaduka post.

The CRM/CEBP Mashup as Business Model Evolution Part 3 of 4

Over the past few months I've laid out a four stage roadmap for Telco 2.0 Business Model Evolution.

1. Empowering developer communities

2. Enriching go to market strategies to benefit partners and clients.
3. Value based transactional pricing versus commodity pricing

4. Two-sided business model iterations

What does value based versus commodity pricing mean? Margin, baby! Traditional telco is run on scale and slim margins. Compare the financials for Verizon to Microsoft as an example. Telco 2.0 is a successfully pushing solutions and models that should have software style margins.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009



We are the largest global independent software company in terms of revenue focused solely on managing change across information technology, or IT, environments. Our products and services are used to manage and control change in mission critical technology and business process applications. Our software configuration management, business process management, helpdesk and requirements management solutions enable our customers to improve process consistency, enhance software integrity, mitigate risks, support regulatory compliance and boost productivity. Our revenue is generated by software licenses, maintenance contracts and professional services



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Broadsoft Wants Your Mad Mashup Skills

Written by Susan Scrupski / April 7

I've always felt mashups represent the greatest opportunity to deliver game-changing benefits to organizations experimenting with Enterprise 2.0. Although a lot of what I've seen in the mashup community I coin "mapups" because they're based on the Google Maps open API plus another interesting data set. Serious mashups are not for beginners and still require a developer's skill, but many vendors are making inroads here - such as IBM and Serena Software.
A contest that crossed my desk this morning is one sponsored by BroadSoft, Inc. and IBM. Broadsoft, a leading provider of VOIP applications, has announced its second annual XContestv2 developer challenge. Broadsoft has over 1,600 developers in its network eligible to compete in the contest. With the increased Enterprise interest in lowering costs and improving productivity with VOIP alternatives, there should be a strong response to this year's contest.

Broadsoft claims that the winning mashups will have exposure to over 500 million subscribers via its Xtended Marketplace. Winners will be awarded cash prizes worth over $30,000, in addition to the market exposure. Contestants that incorporate IBM WebSphere Presence Server and WebSphere XML Document Management Server (XDMS) tools will be eligible for a cash bonus, as well. The winning first place mashup last year was a simple, yet useful disaster dispatching application won by "Mr. Mashup" Thomas Howe, now CEO of Jaduka. This year's winners will be showcased at the Broadsoft's user conference.

Registration starts today and continues through April 27. Idea submissions will be accepted through May 18 and developers have until July 31 to submit their working applications and prototypes. Winners will be announced September 9.

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Friday, April 3, 2009

Serena Launches Cost-saving Lean BPM Solution

By Manu Sharma Bangalore, Apr 03, 2009 1809 hrs IST

To streamline and automate HR processes and lower costs, Serena Software is offering Lean Business Process Management (BPM) solution based on Mashups technology in India.
Designed to improve business processes and extend web services infrastructures, Serena claims the Lean BPM solution is cost effective and easy to use.

According to Nathan Rawlins, senior director of product marketing, Serena Software, in most organizations with large employees the HR workflow is not totally automated, and some processes like employee payables are still done manually. "But by using BPM technology, instead of extending their HRMS applications or building custom solutions, they can eliminate inefficiencies by up to 90% and gain visibility and control over their biggest compliance risks."

"Unlike traditional BPM, which relies on professional application developers and IT operations, these Mashups can be easily developed and rapidly deployed by business analysts," he said.
Lean BPM provides the ability to reduce costs and increase productivity without the need to code or lengthy consulting engagement.